Croom Family Resource Centre(CFRC)was originally established in 2007 by a local steering group living within the surrounding area.  

The centre is a not-for-profit organisation and is registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority. CFRC is run by a Voluntary Board of Management (VBOM). Members of the VBOM are recruited from the greater Croom area, and contribute a variety of interests, perspectives, and experience. 

The overall objective of CFRC is to strengthen and empower young people, families, and vulnerable individuals within the community by providing support suited to their needs. The core of these services is tailored around the needs of local families and young people, through the provision of childcare support, youth work programmes, counselling, education, and training programmes. In addition, local community services, information and health supports are provided to those most in need. 

CFRC is committed to shaping its operations by putting the community at the forefront of all aspects of the centre, including management structures. This community focus is evident from the community engagement undertaken to improve existing services and offer alternative and/or new initiatives to the area. The FRC is part of the national Family Resource Centre (FRC) programme, Ireland’s largest National Family and Community-based support. The FRC programme was originally part of the Family Support Agency (FSA) in the Department of Social and Family Affairs. However, in 2014 the FRC programme formally became part of Tusla under the Child and Family Agency Act and Tusla remains the core funder of the Centre.  

There are currently more than 120 FRCs that are part of the programme, all working towards similar principles and methods. The National Forum (of Family Resource Centres) is elected by the FRCs, and provides opportunities for networking, training and conferences.