Student Placement

Croom Family Resource Centre strongly support the provision of work placement for students.

We have a very positive relationship with TUS (Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest). Every student is supervised and supported by regular review sessions.

Students applying to Croom FRC for a placement should be aware that interviews will apply.

All students are subject to Garda Vetting, Reference Checks and production of valid Identification.

The Highlights of My Placement in Croom Family Resource Centre -
Molly O Mara

I started my placement in January and was greeted by a team of wonderful people and possibly the best group of children you could ask for.

By the end of the first week here I felt as if I had been here all along. Throughout the 3-4 months that I was here I did a number of different games, activities, art projects and programs with both young and old. I am going to give just a glimpse of the fun I have had in my time here.

My first real bonding experience with the children was when me made Nintendo Switches out of coloured paper and colouring pages. Not only did the younger children enjoy it but so did the older children who more often the not preach that we are not cool or that we are boring.

The first program that I organised although it was difficult it was great fun and beneficial to the children. On International Internet Safety day I provided the children with relevant and informative worksheets and colouring pages on what we should or should not being doing on the internet. I also provided all of the parents an small booklet on the key points in relation to how we can ensure that our kids are being safe online. We shared my work on the organisations social media and received great feedback from parents and guardians.

In the lead to Valentine’s Day I did a number of different fun and cool crafts with the children from love heart trees, love heart wreaths and mosaics. Although I spent the best part of three hours cutting out hundreds of love hearts for the activities it was well worth it to see the smiles and joy on the faces of the Children.

Something I noticed early on in my placement was that the boys often were less engaged than their female counterpart. As a way of engaging the boys I put on my thinking caps and decided I have to get down to their level which involved overcoming my fear of mud and playing sports with the boys (my fitness levels have greatly improved since starting here). I also had to be creative and make treasure maps and treasure hunts with the boys you don’t enjoy sports all that much.

About half way into my placement I began engaging with the additional needs children and the ones with challenging behaviour. The pure innocence and joy that those children introduced to my life is infinite from the hugs to the silly laughs. I also learned a lot from them in terms of communication I now have no shame in singing instructions to kids to the rhythm of nursery rhymes. They have taught me to enjoy life and be silly and goofy, most importantly to laugh as much as you can.

The biggest piece I carried out whilst on placement was centred around improving the levels of self-esteem in the primary school aged kids in doing this we did many different fun and exciting activities such as colouring, making self-esteem fans, writing nice things about ourselves, glitter activities, dance parties and positive self-talk and praise. Although at times the boys may have thought I was crazy by the end of the activities they were really enjoying and engaging in the activity.