Parent & Family Support

Family Support

Family Support is a style of work which includes a wide range of activities that strengthen positive informal social networks through community-based programmes and services.  The focus of these services is on early intervention aiming to promote and protect the health, well-being and rights of all children, young people and their families. At the same time particular attention is given to those who are vulnerable or at risk (Tusla).

Family Support is about providing help to children and families who are in need of assistance. We do this by looking at the needs of the children and families and carefully making a plan with the family responding to those needs and harnessing their strengths.

The types of support we offer are:

  • One to One family support
  • Parenting Support & Parenting Programmes
  • Parent and Toddler groups
  • Play Therapy
  • Referral and signposting to other agencies

Parenting Support/Parenting Programmes

Our Family Support Worker offers reassurance and practical support to parents/guardians/carers during difficult times.  This is provided by way of parenting programmes and one-to-one support imparting parenting skills that parents can use to improve children’s wellbeing and their outcomes for the future. We work with families to identify each family members strengths; what is working well in your family, and what things you would like to improve. We work together with your family to support you to make changes that will help you and your family.

The service offers support to families in some of the following areas:

  • Parenting skills (Improving communication in the home, managing behaviours, implementing consequences and establishing boundaries, teaching calming down skills, teaching new skills and making routines)
  • Practical support and assistance e.g. help with completing social welfare forms
  • Home Management skills and advice
  • Advocacy  across a range of areas,  supporting you link with other agencies (for example communication support liaising with statutory organisations e.g. housing)
  • The Meitheal approach – we are trained to deliver the Meitheal approach, designed to help children where they may need the support of more than one service.  Meitheal is a case co-ordination process for families with additional needs who require multi-agency intervention.

Individual one to one parenting support

One to One parenting support is a valuable service where an individual or couple can work on parenting skills in a confidential space, at a time and date that suits the family. Occasionally all parents need is some help and advice when their child is struggling. This work is aimed at parents and families who are dealing with challenging behaviour and experiences that are likely to impact on family life. Our Family Support Worker will work with parent(s) over several sessions.  In Croom FRC we provide is a holistic service aimed at supporting parents to parent as effectively as they can, ensuring better quality outcomes for children in all families. Supporting parents to use techniques to manage difficult behaviour, build their children’s self-esteem and confidence, reduce their own stress as parents, problem-solve with their children, and establish positive daily routines. For further information please contact Croom Family Resource Centre on 061 602 878 or FRC to arrange a time to meet. Self-referrals can be made to Caroline, there is no cost for this service.

Parent and Baby/Toddler Groups

Parent and Baby/Toddler Group is an informal group which provides a welcoming friendly space for young children and their parents/carers to meet. This group can offer opportunities for friendship, learning and play.
 Baby/toddler group is a great way of meeting other people with children the same age as yours in our area. It is open to childminders, grandparents, and other guardians.  Babies, waddlers and toddlers are welcome.

Date: Tuesday mornings – Croom – Maigue River Room, Croom Mills

Time: 10.00am -11.30am

Date: Wednesday mornings – Ballingarry – Old Library

Time: 10.00am – 11.30am


Contact Caroline on 061 602 878 or

Cost: €3 or donation

Play Therapy

Play Therapy is the most natural way in which children explore and understand the world around them.  Through Play Therapy children communicate by playing out their inner thoughts, feelings and problems in a safe environment.

Play therapy is an easier and more natural way to communicate than talk therapies as some children maybe unable to verbalise thoughts and feelings as play is the child’s language (Landreth, 2002).

Children can use art, music, puppetry, stories sand tray and other toys to communicate or play out how they feel with a trained therapist who understands.

Referrals and Signposting

We provide referral and sign posting services and information.

At Croom Family Resource Centre  we recognise that health and wellbeing is heavily determined by social factors such as poverty, isolation and loneliness. Signposting offers professionals a means of referring people to a range of non-clinical community supports which can have significant benefits for their overall health and wellbeing.

Signposting generally involves three key components;

  • A referral from a healthcare professional
  • Consultation with a support worker
  • An agreed referral to a local community activity. Examples include art, cookery, meditation, GAA, men’s sheds, music, drama, walking groups and many more.
  • Signposting can also enable and support people to access health services such as Smoking Cessation, Self-management support programmes and others.